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About Us

D’riv Explained

We Believe In The Radiance Of Diamonds

We Design To Enhance Every Nuance And Facet

We Work To The Best Standards

We Value You

Driven by relentless creativity and a penchant for innovations, D’riv has taken huge leaps forwards since its inception. Conceived from VR JEWELS (INDIA) PVT LTD, a unit of SIDDHI VINAYAK JEWELS (UK) LIMITED, D’riv comes from a lineage of established predecessors in the world of diamond crafting.

We invest superlative skill in the selection of diamonds. Our designers and craftsmen continue to explore the boundaries of diamond jewellery creations to present forth individual pieces.

At D’riv we are confident that we have sourced the best quality, style and value for our customers. With our large number of stores, we are very excited to showcase our jewellery.

Over the years we have worked long and hard to earn customers loyalty by simply being the best.

D’riv’s Mission

To celebrate the beauty of diamonds

To spread happiness by providing the finest quality diamond jewellery

To offer beautiful diamond at great value

To have long established associations with our customers

To be able to collaborate with more business partners

D’riv’s Vision

To be a recognised leader in the world of diamond Jewellery

To continue to deliver exceptional pieces of enduring quality, unparalleled craftsmanship and value

To inspire quality partnerships with employees, suppliers, customers

To always act responsibly and ethically

Certification Partners

The value of precious stones is determined by their natural rarity, natural construction and gemological make-up. Experts use powerful tools to analyse these details and verify the quality of these stones. A certificate is an essential tool that provides transparent details about the value and quality of the diamonds and works in favour of the buyer and seller both.

International Gemological Institue

This is the commonest language across borders that speaks about the quality and value of diamonds and stones. As a global leader for jewellery certification, their realm is supreme. All our pieces are IGI certified pieces.

BIS Hallmark

Hallmark indicates that the gold content in the jewellery has been evaluated and that the gold adheres to a set of standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Hallmarking is a quality certification authentifying the purity of the metal and is a standard quality mark across India.