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What are the structures of franchises available?

D’rive offers individual franchisee and master franchisee for single or multiple locations/regions.

What would a franchise cost me?

We prefer to discuss this one to one or on a personal request basis after having communicated with you personally.

How many days would it take to acquire a franchise?

Once the final Franchisee Agreement is signed, it could take up to 1- 3 months.

What is the ROI in this business?

This will be best discussed at the time of one-one project meetings.

What licences will I need to set-up a franchisee?

Local shops and establishment license from the concerned local authorities will have to be procured.

Which cities are franchisees offered in?

We are open to the WORLD.

I have no background of owning a franchisee? Can I still own one?


What is the length of franchise agreement?

It is a 3 year term which can be renewed at the end of it without incurring any fee to renew the franchise.

What type of business support do you extend to the franchisee?

We offer you support in evaluating the site, ascertaining your financial obligations, designing functional guidelines for the outlet, helping in staff recruitment and training, support through sharing of D’riv’s manual containing all technical support and knowledge.

How is advertising media handled?

You are free to explore all local advertisement media. The designs used in there must be approved by and catered by D’riv diamonds. At the national level, print and digital media exposure will be managed by the company.

What if I want to sell my franchisee?

We like to know the people we collaborate with and hence, the franchise rights can be allotted only with prior consent of D’riv Diamonds.

I would love to be a franchise. What is the way ahead?

There is an Expression of Interest Form ___________. Kindly furnish the details in this form and send them to us. After due consideration, we will contact you. Franchise fee and other overheads can be discussed at this point.

Once the application has been considered we will go ahead by sending our Business Development and Retail Team to see the site and location. Having received an approval from them, we will then set up a meeting with you for the final round of discussions.